Nassau County Emergency Managements asks COVID “no-vaxxers” to participate in anonymous survey

Nassau County Emergency Management
July 26, 2021



If you have opted NOT to get one of the three brands of CoViD-19 Vaccine in response to the pandemic, would you please take two minutes to tell us – Why have you chosen not to be immunized against Coronavirus?

The information provided will be completely anonymous – no names or email addresses and no judgment – just a response to a couple of questions to help us understand your concerns.

If you do respond to our quick survey, thank you!

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Jason Collins
Jason Collins(@jc18holes)
2 years ago

I took the survey! I notice how the press release labels people who haven’t received the COVID vaccine as “non vaxxers” – LOL My response is like most others that I know that haven’t taken the vaccine in that if you’re not a risk to die from COVID and/or already had it combined with the fact that those who are vaccinated still can contract and spread the virus then why would we risk taking a vaccine not knowing the long term effects of it?