By Susan Hardee Steger
January 6, 2020

Many Nassau County residents anxious to make an appointment for their COVID-19 vaccine, were met with disappointment today.   As numerous individuals attempted to enter the site, the Emergency Management system crashed.  Fifteen minutes after the 10:00 a.m. launch of appointments, some individuals were able to “get a ticket” but once in the eventbrite portion of the signup,  they were met with a notice that all appointments were filled.

In the event Nassau County Emergency Management provides an update on the situation, we will let you know.

Frustrations are increasing with complaints about the complexity of the process.

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Perry Observer
Perry Observer (@guest_59979)
1 year ago

First I would like to mention, Greg Foster (Head of NC Emergency Management) stated yesterday the system was operating smoothly. NC Emergency Management and the NC Board of Health has had months to set-up and test the system in advance, WHY didn’t they do so?? Why did they OBVIOSLY wait until the last-minute to set it up?? As far as I’m concerned, this is nothing but a botched-up extension of the same way the Trump Administration, Mike Pence, and Jared Kushner ran Operation Warp-Speed!!! Also, I spoke to the Administrator yesterday at the local nursing home my 97-yr old DAV of WWII father is at and was told that the facility will not get any VACCINATIONS for their patients until the beginning of February at the earliest. WHY HASN’T HIS FACILITY FILLED WITH OLD SICKLY SENIOR CITIZENS OVER THE AGE OF 65 RECEIVED VACCINATIONS BEFORE THE GENERAL PUBLIC?? Most of these people are also DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS who served in WWII and the Vietnam War, they should have PRIORITY.

Paul Condit
Paul Condit(@pconditgmail-com)
1 year ago

So the plot thickens! I was lucky enough to get a “ticket” at 10:17 yesterday when the “system crash” ended. The conformation then said to call the Nassau County Emergency Management phone number and use my “ticket” number to schedule an appointment. I got a busy signal for two hours. Finally I got an answer and was able to schedule my appointment. Looks like there needs to be some work done on the process. My wife still has to schedule hers.

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