Nassau County Emergency Management COVID-19 waitlist random selection to continue today

Nassau County Insider
By Nassau County Emergency Management
Press Release
January 20, 2021

“The notification process will continue through  [this] afternoon (January 20).”

January 19, 2021

The Florida Department of Health in Nassau County has been notified by the state it will receive 975 vaccine doses this week. Nassau County Director of Emergency Management Greg Foster says more than 8800 residents have registered their names on a waitlist with Eventbrite. Foster says Eventbrite will begin notifying residents today by email if their name has been randomly selected from the waitlist to receive a vaccine dose from this allotment. The notification process will continue through tomorrow afternoon.

Foster says those selected will be notified by email from Eventbrite. They must then follow the unique link in their notification email to claim their dose. Once they have claimed their dose, a second email will be sent to each individual with a “ticket” containing their specific number and instructions to call EOC to schedule their vaccination appointment. While there are some individuals who registered, but do not have an email address, Foster says those individuals will be contacted by phone directly from Emergency Management to set their appointment.

Foster says residents can continue to register on-line at, but advises each person can be registered only once. “We have spent a lot of time removing duplicate names, some of whom have registered several times, Foster says. It will not improve the odds of random selection. We only want a person registered once on the waitlist to make it as fair and random as possible;each person has the same chance as every other person registered. Once registered, each resident will remain on the waitlist until they get their dose of vaccine.