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Press Release
January 14, 2021
Editor’s Note:  Tonight we are providing our readers with directions on how to maneuver through the “Wait List” process developed by Nassau County Emergency Management prior to the launch tomorrow morning (Friday). This plan was put into place at the request of the Nassau County Board of Commission.
There is a lot of information available to give you a glimpse of the plan click here for details.  For a simple idea of how the plans will work, we extracted a portion of the information (A Hypothetical Scenario) within the Nassau County  COVID-19 Vaccine Plan for your review.
The consistent message to the public has been, “go to for credible countywide SARS-CoV-2/CoViD-19 Pandemic information,” so they will start there. From the homepage, clicking the yellow “COVID Vaccine” button will take them to the vaccine information page.
On OneNassau’sCOVID Vaccine page, the site visitor is able to download, read, and print the Florida Department of Health’s most current “Vaccine Screening and Consent” documents, a “What to Expect” during and after vaccination information card, as well as a “Vaccine Fact Sheet” and “Ingredients List” for each brand of vaccine allowed under the federal Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and offered in Nassau County (currently only Moderna).
They will also find a “Join OneNassau’s Vaccine Waitlist” button that leads to the correct page on the Eventbritewebsite, and a downloadable, large-print tutorial/manual for the complete process, from waitlist registration to vaccination appointment.
The tutorial/manual walks the reader through each action necessary to add a person’s name to a “pool” of individuals in the population currently targeted for vaccination [65 and over]. It also explains what to expect after the name is added, and what happens when a dose becomes available for a person on the waitlist. The screenshots and instructions for each step of Eventbrite‘s “join a waitlist” registration process are similar to what follows. Appendix A OneNassau Vaccine Waitlist.

Anyone in the targeted vaccination group who wants to receive a dose of vaccine through the Florida Department of Health in Nassau County can be added to the OneNassau Vaccine Waitlist any time, 24/7. They can add themselves, or someone else can add them. Using the link on to ensure they do not land on any fake sites, the individual will open the Eventbritesystem’s webpage for their prioritized vaccination group in Nassau County.

They will see that the vaccination “event” is free of charge. To add a name to the vaccine waitlist, the user will click the green “Register” button. There is no need to click “Follow” or anything else on this screen. The range of dates/times and the event location listed in the lower right of the screen pertaining to the OneNassau waitlist; they have nothing to do with when or where doses might be available. When multiple lists might be required (i.e. more groups are targeted for vaccination), a brief description of the specific waitlist for which they are registering (e.g., Over 65 Years of Age, Healthcare Provider, etc.) will be included under the heading “About this Event.”


After clicking the “Register” button on the Eventbritewebsite, this “pop-up” screen will appear. It reiterates that OneNassau has only a waitlist for the indicated prioritization category; no doses of vaccine are currently available. The user has the option to change the text to an alternate language (e.g., Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, etc.) To continue adding a name to the waitlist, they will click the orange “Join Waitlist” button. Alternatively, the user can click the Xin the upper right-hand corner to close the pop-up screen and exit the process.

After the orange button is clicked, the previous pop-up screen closes and this one opens. The information on the right-hand side of the screen shows the user that only one (1) entry will be made onto the waitlist. There is no option to add more than one person at a time.All fields on the left side of the screen are required, indicated by a little red asterisk. The First Nameand Last Nameentered on this screen will be added to the waitlist. Those are the First and Last names of the person who will physically receive the vaccine.

1.The Email Address and Phone Number fields will be used to notify the resident when a dose is available locally and their name makes it off of the waitlist. NOTE: The phone number may belong to the person-to-be-vaccinated or a caregiver, family member, or friend, but a separate email address should be entered for each individual to be vaccinated. Residents without email access can be assisted on a case-by-case basis by calling the Emergency Operations Center at 904-548-0900(e.g., Daughter can add Father and Mother, one at a time, to the waitlist using Daughter’s contact phone number for both, but Mom and Dad’s names will have to be added to the waitlist along with their unique email addresses.) All duplicate entries will be deleted from the waitlist.

Once the required fields are filled, the user must click the orange “Join Waitlist” button to continue.

That’s it! The name is now on the waitlist.

A confirmation screen similar to the one below will pop up explaining to the user that there is nothing more for them to do.

The name has been successfully added to the waitlist and will remain on the list until the person is selected to receive one of the allotted first-doses, or they contact the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Joint Information Center (JIC) to remove the entry from the waitlist.

The waitlist is private and secure. No one can see “where they are” in the waitlist.

The waitlist is effectively a “pool” of potential eligible recipients of future vaccine.

When a dose becomes available for someone, they will be notified automatically through Eventbrite using the email address they provided during the waitlist registration process.

Authorized Incident Management Team (IMT) personnel in the EOC or JIC will be able to use the phone number provided for the contact as a back-up means of notification, but the Everbrite system will only notify them automatically via email.


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