Nassau County COVID-19 Wait-list is for first dose only!

Nassau County Emergency Management
February 12, 2021

Since so many registrants did not respond to their email or phone call telling them they had made it off of the Vaccine Waitlist, our volunteers have called more than 2,000 people who registered on the 15th and 16th of January in order to fill the remaining appointments. (You might be surprised by how many have already been vaccinated elsewhere, but neglected to remove themselves from our Waitlist.)

Now we are seeing people with appointments we’ve scheduled adding themselves back onto our Waitlist. 😟

The OneNassau Vaccine Waitlist is for FIRST DOSES ONLY.

SECOND doses are scheduled during the first dose vaccination appointment – a written Vaccination Card is provided and each person vaccinated is told, “return to the same location at the same time on XXXX date.”

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Jean Mann
Jean Mann (@guest_60408)
2 years ago

The email notice is probably not being received by many on the waitlist. I know I did not receive mine,s but fortunately was at home when the follow-up call was made.

Jean Mann