Nassau County Commissioners recognize Mike Favors

Nassau County Insider
June 1, 2021

Mike Favors is honored on his retirement.

At the meeting held on Wednesday, May 19th, the Board approved Resolution No. 2021-083, honoring Mike Favors on his retirement after 19 years of service.

Mike began his employment with Nassau County on November 26, 2001 as a Custodial Worker. He transferred to Code Enforcement in April 2005 where he spent the next 16 years serving as a Code Enforcement Officer. Over the years, Mike has become a favorite of the community due to his outgoing personality, his dedication to his job, and his glowing smile.

Mike has served the community with passion and integrity and has earned the respect of most residents he has come in contact with. Mike has said many times, he works for compliance, not to write tickets, and he meant it! He worked closely with property owners to teach them the County’s codes and to help them gain compliance on their property in lieu of having to appear before the Code Enforcement Board.

Mike is also loved and respected by many employees of the County, several of which attended the meeting to express their gratitude to him for always making them smile, even on the worst of days. County Manager, Taco Pope, credited Mike for being his mentor when he began his employment with the County in 2005 and playing a role in his professional development. He stated, “Mike exemplifies public service. The most important thing he taught me was that our goal is to solve problems and help people. There are many, many instances where Mike changed people’s lives. People who were drowning under liens, and debt, and physical impairments, and problems with their properties. He resolved them by going above and beyond the call of duty”.

Mike’s last day to tomorrow and while we will all miss him dearly, we are happy for him as he enters into this next phase of his life.

-Sabrina Robertson
Public Information Office

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