Nassau County Board of Commission selects Ford to attend mediation for Raydient/Nassau County case

County Manager Taco Pope and County Attorney Michael Mullin listen to discussion.

By Cindy Jackson
February 1, 2021

As historically been the protocol, Board of County Commission Chair Thomas R. Ford, has been selected to represent the BOCC and attend the mediation scheduled for March 4, 2021 in the following cases: Raydient LLC v Michael Mullin & Nassau County, Case No. 2019-CA-51, Raydient LLC v Nassau County, Case No. 2018-CA-467 and Raydient LLC v Nassau County, Case No. 2019-CA-54.

After the unanimous decision was made at the special Monday morning meeting February 1, 2021, Commissioner John Martin asked: “Is there a court reporter present . . . does the Commission have access to the proceedings?”

To that, County Attorney Michael Mullin replied quite succinctly, “No, it is confidential . . . anything said in a mediation cannot be discussed outside of the mediation session . . . there is no transcript.”

That being the case, if and when a suggested settlement is recommended, Commissioner Ford will present it to the BOCC and then, the BOCC will be able to review and discuss and decide whether to accept or refuse.

Commissioner Ford began his first term in 2018. It runs until 2022.

County Manager Taco Pope will also be at the mediation.