Nassau Board of County Commissioners Votes to Reduce Tax Rate While Delivering Big on Road, Park and Public Safety Projects

Media Release
Sabrina Robertson
Public Information Officer
(904) 530-6010
[email protected]

Nassau County, Florida, September 17, 2021- At the Monday, September 13, 2021 meeting, the Board of County Commissioners unanimously voted to lower the property tax rate and invest in our quality of life by delivering big on road, park and public safety projects.

Chairman Thomas Ford stated, “I am very proud of this Board for its in-depth review of the budget. We have worked hard to fund programs and initiatives that improve the quality of life for our residents. We have been given an opportunity to take some burden off the taxpayers by lowering the millage rate, while still having the funds needed to accomplish our goals for the next budget year”.

The tentative budget includes a robust, Capital Improvement Plan with $33 million allocated for major projects/initiatives in Fiscal Year 2021/2022, including but not limited to:

1) $6.2 million allocation for parks and recreation projects

  • Hilliard Ballpark improvements for new playground installation
  • Improvements at Holly Point Boat Ramp which includes a parking lot expansion and relocation of communal areas
  • Improvements at Melton Nelson Boat ramp which includes a new kayak launch
  • Tributary Community Park Phase One development which includes amenities for ballfields, concession stand, walking trails, and playground
  • Blackrock Cove Community Park Development for site furnishings such as soccer goals, trash receptacles and parking lot lighting
  • Nassau Crossing Community Park Development which includes lighting and landscaping
  • American Beach Historic Park (exact activities to be determined)

2) $900,000 allocation for the Double Chip Seal Program. Double chip seal is a paving alternative used to treat dirt roads. It is similar to asphalt but about 50% cheaper. Roads designated for Double Chip Seal include:

  • DB Hicks
  • Sheri Lane
  • Ann Drive
  • Parks Rd.
  • Lance Rd.
  • Roy Booth Rd.
  • Marlee Rd.
  • Midway Rd.
  • Hagan Lane
  • Plum Loop
  • Pirates Bluff Rd.
  • Will Young Rd.
  • Durden Rd.
  • Winona Bayview Rd.

3) $3.9 million allocation for the Pavement Management Plan that will allow 27 of the worst roads in Nassau County to be repaved. The roads to be repaved, in full or part, next year are:

  • Barnwell Rd.
  • Bailey Rd.
  • Benchmark Avenue
  • Dove Rd.
  • Roses Bluff Rd.
  • Duane Rd.
  • Harts Road South
  • Harts Lane
  • Bill Johnson Rd.
  • County Road 121 (from Duval line to SR2)
  • Musselwhite Rd.
  • Charlotte Drive
  • Thomas Rd.
  • Will Hardee Rd.
  • South 4th Street
  • Susan Drive
  • South 5th Street
  • Magnolia Street
  • Clinch Drive
  • Ocean Forest Drive
  • Bonnieview Rd.
  • O’Neil Scott Rd.
  • Greenberry Rd.
  • Hendricks Rd.
  • Ocean Forest Lane
  • Cayman Circle
  • Arbor Lane

4) $15.3 million allocation for transportation projects:

  • Amelia Island Parkway and Buccaneer Trail roundabout design
  • Amelia Island Trail design (from South Fletcher Ave. to State Road 200/8th Street)
  • Citrona Drive pedestrian safety improvements
  • County Road 108 repaving from Bay Rd. to Middle Rd.
  • County Road 108 repaving from Middle Rd. to US 17
  • Hendricks Rd. Extension to County Road 107 design and permitting.
  • Hendricks Rd. Extension to Amelia Concourse design and permitting.
  • Pages Dairy/Chester Rd. Signalization
  • Sunberg Rd. paving.
  • William Burgess Blvd. Extension design, permitting and early construction from U.S. 17 to Miner Rd.

5) $3 million allocation to replace fire Station 90 in Hilliard

The final hearing on the budget will take place on Monday, September 27, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.
If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Management & Budget at (904) 530-6010, option 2.

-Sabrina Robertson
Public Information Officer