Nassau County Insider
May 3, 2022

HR Director, Ashley Metz; Robyn Mobley; and County Manager, Taco Pope

Belatedly, we would like to commend Robyn Mobley on celebrating 25 years of service with Nassau County. Robyn was recognized for her achievement at the Wednesday, April 20th meeting.

County Manager, Taco Pope, stated, “Robyn is warm, kind, is always smiling and she just makes our days better”. Human Resources Director, Ashley Metz added, “HR really wouldn’t work well without Robyn. She is a great asset to the County”.

Robyn has many responsibilities but some of her main job duties include reviewing employment applications, coordinating interviews, assisting employees with their benefits, conducting background checks, arranging employee physicals, and coordinating new hire orientations.

Congratulations Robyn! We appreciate you and everything you do on behalf of the County.

-Sabrina Robertson
Public Information Officer

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