K9 Rogue and Deputy Smith tracked him off a missing shoe.

Nassau County Sheriff’s Office
Press Release
April 22, 2021

Editor’s Note:  To read previous press release on the missing individual, click here.

Great news! The missing man has been found safe! Our K9 team tracked him.

After over 50 hours of being missing, K9 Rogue and Deputy Smith tracked him off a missing shoe (that they found while searching and then used that shoe to follow his scent). He was tracked to the JEA area at the end of License Rd and behind Eastport Dr. This is their first find (Rogue was our new puppy last year). We are so happy he’s ok (minor injuries and dehydration) and he is reunited with his family.

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Cynthia Janney
Cynthia Janney (@guest_60871)
1 year ago

I am trying to understand this. It took how long to search the woods right next to North Hampton?

Sherry Harrell
Sherry Harrell (@guest_60875)
1 year ago

Greawt job, Rouge!! Dogs are magnificent creatures!! Thanks to Officer Smith as well, for his great work handling Rouge. It’s great to know that his training has paid off and he was able to track this missing man from his shoe!! This is a very happy ending to a scary story.

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