If you don’t answer the phone, vaccination schedulers can’t reach you . . .

Nassau County Emergency Management
February 17, 2021




You’ve put yourself on the #OneNassau Vaccine Waitlist.

That means you have to check your email each day to see if you’ve made it off of the list.

Because we understand that you may have technological difficulties, we will try to call you if you’ve made it off the waitlist and didn’t claim your dose.

BUT, if you won’t answer your phone, our vaccination schedulers can’t reach you.

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Debra Knowles
Debra Knowles (@guest_60450)
2 years ago

We should have a reference number to look out for..there are so many callers that are scammers…we have yet to receive an email…I had my 2 shots, my significant other is still waiting for the 1st. Nassau is slow to say the least..he is 67 in March.