Highlights from the Nassau County public health briefing on March 11, 2020

The County Insider
Office of the Nassau County Manager
March 12, 2020

At yesterday’s Special Meeting, the Board heard from Dr. Eugenia Seidel, Director for the Nassau County Health Department, and Emergency Management Director, Greg Foster, regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). It was reported that as of today, there are 647 cases nationwide and 21 cases in Florida, one of which is in Nassau County.

​While Dr. Seidel was unable to give specifics about the infected individual and their location due to privacy rights, she did state that the resident had recently traveled overseas and that this is an isolated case and not community spread. She stated that the resident had self isolated quickly and will remain in isolation for up to 14 days. She also reported that anyone he had been in contact with has been notified by The Department of Health.

Dr. Seidel went on to advise that the virus is spread person to person through close contact (within 6 feet). Residents are urged to practice good hygiene by washing your hands and covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Individuals who are sick should stay home to ​prevent spreading.

Director Foster provided an update on local preparations that have been underway including calls twice per week with the Florida Department of Health, daily communication with the Nassau County DOH, weekly webinars with community partners, and a pandemic exercise that was held this past Monday. He indicated that along with the Nassau County Department of Health, they will continue to monitor the situation and share information with the public as it is known.

Residents should self-check and be aware of the main symptoms: fever, coughing and difficulty breathing. If you suspect you have been exposed, contact the Nassau County DOH at (904) 875-6100. Stay informed and rely on factual information provided by the following:

Florida Department of Health
Center for Disease Control
​World Health Organization