Fort Clinch State Park is open with limited restrictions – A happy day!

By Susan Hardee Steger
May 13, 2020

For those longing to walk, bike, or drive the beautiful canopy road into Fort Clinch, your long wait is over. Today, with little fanfare and no notice, Fort Clinch State Park opened its gates. As of 10:47 a.m., the phone message recording is still announcing the state park is closed, as does the park website.

Indications are the campgrounds are closed, as is the fort, but bike and hiking trails have re-opened. For those who wish to swim at the beach, bathrooms are available. We are waiting information from the park manager to confirm.

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Donna Wall
Donna Wall (@guest_57642)
3 years ago

We are from GA and would love to camp on the river side. How do we get a site and is there a waiting list? My name is Donna Wall [email protected] thanks

jim messer
jim messer (@guest_57663)
3 years ago
Reply to  Susan Steger

The camp grounds open the 21st. A few things- there isn’t a wait list. However, you can book 11 months in advance- and most sites are booked that early. You can check frequently and find where some one has canceled, but that’s usually just a few weeks out. It make it difficult to plan. And there are a number of walk up sites. They are first come first serve, though.