Florida Department of Health October 7 – Nassau County Emergency Mgt provides COVID-19 information on district schools

Florida Department of Health
October 7, 2020

Editor’s Note: Each week, Nassau County Emergency Management updates COVID-19 cases within the school district as a line item on its orange and green chart.  Like some of the line items listed,  the figures reported on the schools are cumulative.   Last week, the report showed 25 individuals which included 21 students testing positive and 4 teacher/staff.  This week’s cumulative figure of 43 (32 students) reported below,  show an increase of 8 teachers/staff and 11 students.  Today, Nassau County Emergency Management released a COVID-19 breakdown of positive cases within various schools within the Nassau County School District.  We thank those who work tirelessly at N C Emergency Mgt for providing this additional information.




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