Florida Department of Health Oct 11 – Nassau County’s Coronavirus deaths reach 50

Florida Department of Health
October 11, 2020

Editor’s Note: The Florida Department of Health recorded Nassau County’s 50th death from Coronavirus. Emergency Management has not yet provided further details. Over the weekend, the Florida Department of Health reports Saturday and Sunday’s Coronavirus virus figures for residents and non-residents were 13 for each day.

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bob carter
bob carter (@guest_59197)
3 years ago

deaths…. 50

population….. 88,000

0.00056 percentage of covid deaths in Nassau County.

Inaccuracies of strictly covid death…… or mixed issues,….. who knows?

Testing fails…..

False positives…..

biased reporting required by government…

A massacred economy. A panicked population. Bankruptcies, suicides, an economy that appears doomed.

This looks strange to me.