Florida Department of Health
January 4, 2020

Editor’s Note:  We will post further information from Nassau County Emergency Management once the information is available.



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Mary Gardner
Mary Gardner (@guest_59930)
1 year ago

Can you please include the more detailed lists you used before. I find it informative and helpful to know the % of positivity and the number of hospitalizations. I’m wondering if you are not being provided with this information because the DOH wants to keep us from panicking.

Positivity rate is really important to know. Reports that 77 people have Covid is meaningless if I don’t know the number tested.

Thanks for providing ongoing info. It is a great public service. I just got dependent on the previous full info and format you provided and I greatly miss it. (Especially the yellow

list broken down by zip code.)

Thanks again!

terry jones
terry jones (@guest_59969)
1 year ago

i speak to enough people (at a distance ) who think this covid crisis is so overblown ———it is disheartening as most seem to be intelligent & feel very put out ———& think all of the simple precautions such as wearing a mask r unnecessary ——i’m simply lost as to these attitudes when u get reports such as these from fernandina observer & on every major news station in the nation as to mounting deaths & residual ill effects on many even after they have survived——–these attitudes r a good reason why this virus has been with us this long & will be with us much longer than was necessary even with the vaccine becoming available

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