Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report – Week ending January 27, 2022

Florida Department of Health
January 28, 2022

Editor’s Note: Be safe! Many COVID cases in Nassau County are not being reported. Get vaccinated, mask up, maintain social distancing, and avoid large crowds.












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Drew Skonberg, DC
Drew Skonberg, DC(@skonberg)
2 years ago

When is this publication going to realize that the vaccination program and other mandates have failed to make any difference. Instead, look at the deaths in countries that adopted early therapeutic treatment compared to the highly vaccinated countries like the US, UK, Israel. They’ve fared much better using cheap repurposed drugs instead of ineffective and not safe experimental vaccines.

Sherry Harrell
Sherry Harrell(@sherry-harrell)
2 years ago

Drew, YOU are exactly correct, but there is NO money to be made from using old drugs. BIG Parma is making a killing–pun intended!!

Ben Martin
Ben Martin(@ben-martin)
2 years ago

Perhaps altering one’s genetic code in order to produce spike proteins specific to one virus strain in order to ward off a constantly mutating coronavirus is an exercise in futility. But hey, it’s not like they didn’t tell us this whole thing is EXPERIMENTAL.