Evacuation Order Zones A and D

The Following is an Evacuation Order for Zones A and D – Hurricane Ian

As of 8:00 a.m. Wednesday  morning, Nassau County has issued an Evacuation Order for Evacuation Zones A and D. An Evacuation Zone Map can be located at www.onenassau.com/evacuations. There is also an interactive version at www.nassauflpa.com, under the GIS Mapping feature.

Nassau County is unable to tell residents when they will be able to return as that will depend on damages from the storm and associated assessments deeming it’s safe to return. Upon returning to Nassau County, please have identification available. This will ensure that you don’t have any issues returning to your home. If your identification card does not include your home address, please ensure you have some sort of documentation so they can confirm your address (deed, utility bill, property tax bill, etc.)

Sheltering information will be released within the next few hours. Nassau County is working closely with the School Board to get the sites ready for residents’ arrival.

Please continue to remain vigilant and follow public safety announcements. They can be heard on NOAA Weather Radio; Local radio stations 89.9 FM, 145.5 FM and 690 AM; and local news stations Channels 4, 12, 30 and 47.

Evacuation Route Hurricane Ian – Photo courtesy of Getty