County Plans for Social Distancing During Board Meetings and Public Hearings

Nassau County Press Release
Office of the County Manager
July 7,  2020


Nassau County, Florida, July 6, 2020- Now that the Governor has implemented Phase 2 of the Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step Plan for Florida’s Recovery, government entities are allowed to resume in- person meetings with the understanding that social distancing guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) should be followed.

The Board of County Commissioners had previously been holding virtual meetings while under Phase One and all Public Hearings were temporarily postponed. Now that the Board has returned to Commission Chambers for meetings, County staff has been busy establishing methods for individuals to attend meetings while maintaining social distancing.

Chairs in the Commission Chambers have been reduced to achieve proper spacing, however additional seats and monitors are being added to the hallways to allow individuals to watch the meeting from outside the Chambers. A number system will be implemented so that individuals wishing to speak can be called into the Chambers individually.

A large tent has also been set up in front of the building to allow for additional seating outside, should someone choose to use it. This area will be equipped with monitors and speakers to broadcast the meeting taking place inside, as well as fans to make users more comfortable. Should it be raining, residents will be able to utilize the hallways and monitors inside the building.

These are just a few of the changes being made to increase safety for residents wishing to attend Commission meetings. Other changes include distribution of masks, installation of sanitizer dispensers, and designated points to enter and exit the facility.

For those not wishing to attend in person, please note that meetings will continue to be streamed online as they always have. We also have also established an email address and phone number for residents to be able to submit public comments for Board meetings. You can email [email protected] or call (904) 530-6009 and leave a message. Your comments will be read aloud at the meeting. You can also request to speak by sending an email or calling the number above and leaving a message with your name, phone number and a brief description of what you would like to speak about. We will call you during the meeting.


If you have any questions, please contact the County Manager’s Office at (904) 530-6010 or email [email protected]

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