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Drew Skonberg, DC
Drew Skonberg, DC(@skonberg)
1 year ago

Interesting you should mention politicization and disinformation, as the captured by PHarma US healthcare agencies and media love to manipulate data and provide a small subset of info to us without full context, lying to us about efficacy and safety. You’ve perhaps fallen into that trap so respectfully let’s take a deeper dive into efficacy. The data we can most accurately measure are populations and total deaths. The comparison using Florida data is: 76,489 deaths divided by the 7/21 US census estimate of 21,781,489 for a .3511% death rate. NY stands at 69,889 deaths divided by 19,835,913 for a .3523% death rate. From a safety standpoint, morbidity and total mortality nationally is off the charts with life insurance companies reporting all cause mortality numbers never seen for 2021 after the vaccination rollouts. A robust review of what’s happening points to these being pulled immediately. Unaffiliated world renowned scientists using previous vaccination safety examples have gone on record stating these should have been pulled after 1-2 months time.