Burns seeks re-election as Superintendent of Schools for Nassau County

Dr. Kathy Knight Burns
Candidate for Nassau County
Superintendent of Schools
June 23, 2020

Dr. Kathy Burns seeks re-election as Superintendent of N C Schools

Dr. Kathy Knight Burns is happy to announce her campaign for reelection as Nassau County’s Superintendent of Schools. As a mom, a lifelong educator and a native of Nassau County, Kathy is just as passionate today about our children’s education as the first day she started teaching.
There is much to celebrate in the Nassau County School District
• A rated school district
• 93% Graduation Rate
• Nassau County School District is ranked 4th in the State
• All graded elementary schools are Schools of Excellence
• Expanded Career and Technical training opportunities for students
• Created “Nassau Strong” Strategic Plan in collaboration with community members, educators, students, and business partners
• Developed a land/growth committee
• Increased planning time/days for teachers
• Increased opportunities for collaboration and professional learning
• Established Nassau Future Leaders Academy
• Established Nassau Building Academics mentoring program for teachers
• Established the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council

The success of the Nassau County School District is a direct reflection of the quality teachers, support personnel, and leaders throughout the district. Working together, we have been successful. Looking ahead, there is much work to be done. Her goals for the future include:
• Plan and prepare for a safe return to teaching and learning for the 2020-2021 school year
• Expand and grow career and technical training opportunities for students
• Work with state and local leaders to continue to increase salaries, mentor new teachers, prepare future teachers with our paras to pros program, and train future leaders
• Increase project-based learning and the arts at every grade level
• Continue and expand Technology resources, learning, and support
• Continue to expand planning and collaboration for teachers throughout the district
• Bring back the State of the Schools Council to include community members, school representatives, and parents

Her goal is to prepare our children for the best and brightest future they can achieve. To get there, she knows it will take all of us working together – parents, teachers, school personnel, business and community leaders alike.

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Editor’s Note:  Incumbent Dr. Kathy Burns will face Dale P. Braddock and Albert J. Wagner in the  August 18 open primary when all registered voters can cast their ballots.