Board of County Commissioners approve Planning & Zoning Board appointments

By Cindy Jackson
December 18, 2020

Approved at one of the last BOCC meetings for 2020 were several appointments to the Planning and Zoning Board.
As detailed on the County website, the Planning and Zoning Board is made up of eleven (11) members as follows:
• Five (5) County Commission District representatives (one (1) representing each district)
• Five (5) at-large representatives; and
• One (1) School Board representative
The website goes on to explain that the Planning & Zoning Board is responsible for the review of all requests for rezoning of property, zoning amendments, Comprehensive Plan text amendments, Land Use Map amendments, and amendments to ordinances that affect the use and development of land.
The Board then submits written recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners for a final determination.
Approved as new members of the Planning and Zoning Board at the December 16, 2020 meeting were:

Todd Ericksen from District 1 – replacing Bruce Jasinsky

Joe Zimmerman from District 5 – replacing Charlie Gressman; and

Tyrone Blue from District 3 – replacing John Stack.

The Planning and Zoning Board is often a launching point for those with political aspirations.

Members of the Planning and Zoning Board now receive a stipend of $75 per meeting plus mileage. Members must attend at least one of the two meetings each month to be eligible for payment.

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