Florida Department of Health
January 29, 2021

Editor’s Note:  Nassau County Emergency Management Director Greg Foster said COVID-19 vaccines arrived this week, and they are expecting another supply next week.  At the moment the number of people on the waiting list stands at 9000.  Today, with the help of the Florida Department of Health, the National Guard, and Nassau County’s Volunteer Medical Team, hundreds of vaccines were given at the Yulee Sports Complex.

Individuals who are listed on the Nassau County Emergency Management waitlist and have found other avenues for a vaccine are urged to call the COVID-19 help desk  Tuesday – Friday at 904-548-0900
to ask that their names be removed.  Please avoid calling on Monday since the staff is busy notifying people of appointments and scheduling.

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Nicholas Velvet
Nicholas Velvet (@guest_60270)
1 year ago

To all the Volunteers I saw today, a most sincere thank you for all your efforts. I was absolutely totally floored by the kindness shown to me and the efficiency exhibited. Not anywhere near the nightmares I thought I would be facing. The best Nassau County has to offer shown thru today~~~~at least to me.

Jay Kayne
Jay Kayne (@guest_60273)
1 year ago

By no means, am I downplaying the important contribution of all the professionals and volunteers who have helped with the Nassau County vaccination process. However, the headline is misleading. The data presented came from the FL Department of Health and specifically says it is “based on the reported county of residence,” not where the vaccine was administered. Therefore, when I received my first dose on Tuesday at Regency Mall, the state included it in the Nassau total even though it was given elsewhere. Many of use found it quicker to get an appointment through Duval County and much easier since they used ShareCare to register rather than EventBrite.

Again, it is great that close to 10 percent of county residents now have their first doses and some their second, but give credit where credit is due. In my and my wife’s case, thank you to Duval County for taking us in.

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