4th Judicial Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission announces applicants for Nassau County Circuit Court vacancy

Judicial Nominating Commission
Press Release
Contact: Patrick J. Kilbane, Chairman
May 23, 2018 6:37 p.m.

Editor’s Note: Eighteen applicants have submitted their applications to fill the upcoming vacancy created on the Fourth Judicial Circuit Bench when Circuit Court Judge Robert M. Foster steps down on December 31. Nassau County applicants are Jan Carver, Leslie Hendrex, Jon Lasserre, Harrison Poole, Chanda Rogers, and Brett Steger. The Fernandina Observer’s Legal Analyst, Adam Kaufman, will keep you updated as the interview process moves forward.


As a result of the resignation of The Honorable Robert M. Foster there exists a vacancy on the Fourth Judicial Circuit Bench. Governor Rick Scott has asked the Fourth Judicial Circuit Nominating Commission to provide him with nominees for this vacancy. Applications were due to the Fourth Judicial Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission before 5:00 PM on May 23, 2018. The Commission received the following applications before the deadline:

Janet Abel
Honorable Lester Bass
William Beard
Melina Buncome
Magistrate Janet Carver
Michael Fackler
Honorable Charles Greene
Leslie Hendricks
James Kallaher
Magistrate Robin Lanigan
Jon Lasserre
Rhonda Peoples-Waters
Erin Perry
Harrison Poole
Chanda Rogers
Brett Steger
Julie Taylor
David Tucker

A subsequent press release will announce the interview schedule and location. Members of the Bench, the Bar, and the public are encouraged to contact the Commissioners with relevant information about these applicants.

All proceedings of this Judicial Nominating Commission are open to the public except for deliberations. Accordingly, applicants should not expect their application be kept confidential. If an applicant is nominated by this Commission, all materials attached to the original application along with any supplemental materials will be submitted to Governor Scott’s Office.

If there are any questions, please contact Patrick J. Kilbane at the address above.