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Michael Maloney
Michael Maloney (@guest_60315)
2 years ago

Okay, I’m Confused…If the directives are for 65+, and Front Lines, why are there so many Below 64 with doses administered? I’m Desperately trying to a vaccine as a 63-1/2 Cancer Survivor and COPD, and I can’t get one….

Just Saying.


Jay Kayne
Jay Kayne(@jay-kayne)
2 years ago

MIchael, you’re not the only one who is confused. I have been trying to get readers to understand the statistics are not does administered in Nassau County. They are the number of residents in Nassau County who have been vaccinated regardless of vaccination site. Almost everyone I know got their shots in Duval County.

But now we have more information. Yesterday, the News Leader reported that for the three weeks leading up to January 29, Nassau County received an allocation of 985 doses per week. Yet, the statistics in this article for the seven days from January 23-29 show 2,341 vaccinations. There is no way you get that many from a allocation of 985 doses.

Again, it is great Nassau County residents are getting vaccinated, no matter how or where they do it. Every vaccination gets us one step closer to herd immunity. But people in need of vaccinations should not rely on this data as an indication of how quickly Nassau County will offer them. Hopefully, the county allocation will increase once production ramps up. Otherwise, at 985 doses a week and two doses per person, it would take 3 years for the county health department to reach everyone.