Pride Panel at History Museum

In recognition of Pride Month, a panel of local LGBTQ+ residents will share their experiences of adversity and activism in a live Heritage Keepers oral history noon Wednesday, June 7 at the Amelia Island Museum of History.

Attendance is free and open to the public and attendees may bring their lunch. Seating is limited on a first-come, first-served basis. This program is wheelchair accessible.

Watch the program remotely at For more information contact Summer at 904-261-7378 ext.102 or [email protected]

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Mark Tomes
Trusted Member
Mark Tomes(@mtomes)
3 months ago

It would be great if a lot of evangelical Christians showed up to this event and listened, really listened, to what the participants have to say. They might discover that people with different gender identities are not much different from themselves, wanting love, wanting acceptance for who they are and who God made them to be, and are not just a product of a “lifestyle choice.”

Paula M
Noble Member
Paula M(@paula-m)
3 months ago

I read a good post the other day…” I may be straight but I do not hate”…I think it’s applicable in these divisive times.