Mystery: Port Meeting Cancelled ‘Until Further Notice’

That’s all the notification said. The Wednesday meeting is cancelled. No reason given. It’s known that three commissioners are opposed to the cruise ships plan. What else is going on behind the scenes? Stay tuned.

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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison(@drmikeharrisoncomcast-net)
1 year ago

Odd indeed to cancel a regular meeting. Only the lack of a quorum would do that, and it would be the Secretary’s call, I think.
Seems the Master Plan may be a likely rrason to cancel the meeting, but then announce that the MP has been pulled, without cancellating the whole meeting.
Who cancelled theeeting? And on what is authority?

Noble Member
1 year ago

Aren’t OHPA commissioners subject to Florida’s Sunshine Law? Nothing should be going on behind the scenes.

Fred Rothe
Fred Rothe(@fred-rothe)
1 year ago

You’re doing the right thing, opposing cruise ships. My wife and I come to Fernandina each summer, sometimes December also. The town we live in, Lewisburg WV, is a carbon copy of Fernandina. Lots of specialty shops and high end restaurants. The reason, a nearby, used to be 5 star, now 4, going on 3, hotel. When they got greedy and started letting tour buses come in, everything started going downhill. Now the shops sell little, and the locals have trouble getting in to eat for people seeing how cheap they can get a meal. If that’s not bad enough, this past winter, two groups, one 12 one 18 from the town went on cruises. Both groups came back with 2/3s having COVID. You want to ruin your town, let cruise ships start docking there.