Conserve Nassau Goes Nonprofit

The Conserve Nassau organization has become a nonprofit dedicated to educating and engaging the community on ecosystems and cultural heritage. According to chair Margaret Kirkland, the new non-profit’s scope includes:

  • land use and land conservation
  • restoration of coastal dunes
  • preservation and restoration of our marshes and wetlands
  • tree canopy and understory preservation and restoration
  • wildlife protection and gardening
  • preservation of cultural heritage
  • water quality and air quality

One of it its strengths, she said, is the interconnectedness of its  leadership, covering a wide range of expertise including:

  • Engineering: coastal, geological, environmental and civil engineering, contracting, development, natural systems management, coastal storm risk management, computer science
  • Science & the Environment: botany, zoology, water resources, environmental science, ecological studies, biodiversity, wildlife protection and native gardening, climate change, conservation, process geomorphology, applied ecological modeling, geomatics (e.g., GIS & remote sensing)
  • The Economy: business, risk management, strategic fiscal planning, government finance
  • Governance: city/regional planning, land use, code development, affordable housing
  • Education: curriculum development and implementation, communication

“We offer our services to the community and to city and county governments,” she said, “to help address the complex challenges we face.”

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Mark Tomes
Mark Tomes(@mtomes)
1 year ago

These are some hard-working, high impact individuals starting this group, and I’m sure they’re going to have a very positive affect on conservation and keeping our way of life natural and beautiful. I wish them all the best of luck!

Alyce Parmer
Alyce Parmer (@guest_67991)
1 year ago

Speaking of Amelia Island treasures, Margaret Kirkland is on my list. Thank you for all you do to preserve what matters most about Amelia Island!

Margaret Kirkland
Margaret Kirkland(@kirkland-mrk)
1 year ago
Reply to  Alyce Parmer

Thanks, Alyce!! There are many people who have worked very hard to protect our environment and quality of life. At this point, we need everyone engaged in this effort, coordinating efforts to maintain sustainability (environmental, economic and social). Conserve Nassau is trying to include the entire county in this effort. We hope you will join us.

Ruthellen Mulberg
Ruthellen Mulberg(@rmulberg)
1 year ago

This is great news! Margaret and the rest of your dedicated activists, thank you for your dedication and hard work in what seems to be an almost endless uphill battle! You organization has created a focal point for accessing reliable information and coordinating civic involvement in protecting our resources and holding our elected officials accountable! This new status will only enhance these efforts. We residents of Amelia Island are so fortunate to have neighbors like “you all”.