Commentary: What a Remarkable Community Effort Looks Like

community effortBy Pam Hart

Chair of the Protect Nassau Now or Never PAC

We are thrilled that the Nassau County Conservation Land Bond Referendum passed with 68% voting yes, which shows just how important land conservation is to the citizens of Nassau County. To get this decisive percentage in a period of high inflation and declining stock market values is amazing!

I would like to thank the Protect Nassau Now or Never committee that worked so hard to make this happen. Allison Defoor of North Florida Land Trust and Pegeen Hanrahan of the Trust for Public Land provided immense expertise to our committee, assisted by our savvy campaign consultant Matt Justice of Reliant Florida.

Committee Members Sally Perez, Lyn Pannone and Margaret Kirkland were tireless in their efforts to educate the community and raise funds to pay for the campaign. Pastor Carlton Jones, Cynthia Jones Jackson and Len Pearlstine networked on our behalf. Lee Anderson Louy of North Florida Land Trust provided her expertise and assistance on fundraising.

Our committee was truly a heartening example of how people from both sides of the political spectrum can come together and work toward a common goal. We extend heartfelt thanks to our donors and to the people of this community who voted to pass this bond referendum. I truly believe it will help us preserve our quality of life.

This bond referendum would never have made it to the ballot if not for the leadership of Nassau county manager Taco Pope, his dedicated staff, and the support of the county commisioners.

I applaud CLAM committee members Christopher Hill, Bill Korn, Bill Watson and William Leonard Wood who as volunteers had the arduous work of reviewing more than 750 properties that were submitted for consideration. We also appreciated  the resolution of support by the Fernandina Beach city commissioners.

This has truly been a community effort.

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Mark Tomes
Mark Tomes(@mtomes)
1 year ago

And thanks to Pam for her tireless efforts to get this referendum passed, as well. All of us, both suburbanites and rural folks, are seeing the devastating effects of over-development in our county and all over Florida. We need to conserve as much undeveloped land as quickly as we can before even more of it is gone forever.

Diana Herman
Diana Herman(@dianah1229)
1 year ago

Thank goodness the referendum passed! And a huge thank you to all who worked so hard and truly care about our fragile island. It is painful to watch trees come down, land cleared to make room for what passes as “progress.”

Sherry Harrell
Sherry Harrell(@sherry-harrell)
1 year ago
Reply to  Diana Herman

Diana, It’s not just the island. Look at what has become of Yulee and all the native habitat that once called it home.
“Pave paradise and put up a parking lot”….

Candis Whitney
Candis Whitney(@candiswhitneygmail-com)
1 year ago

Excellent work, All !

1 year ago

Thank you for all your hard work everyone! So very glad this passed!!!!

Peggy Bulger
Peggy Bulger(@peggy-bulger1949gmail-com)
1 year ago

I am so relieved and happy that my fellow Nassau County voters made their voices heard to push back against the rampant development of NE Florida and Amelia Island. Thanks so much to ALL of the activists who have been working to conserve our natural spaces.

mike spino
mike spino (@guest_66387)
1 year ago

This is a good start. After this work is underway I suggest the next referendum: $100 million. Or we’ll look like St. John’s county.