Want to Know More about the Bioethanol Proposal?

RYAM has issued an invitation to an open house at its 10 Gum St. facility for people to learn more about its proposed bioethanol process addition to its facility.

The time is Wednesday, March 6, 4-7 p.m. in the Large Engineering Conference Room.

See additional information about the proposed project.

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Noble Member
1 month ago

I took the time to click the proposed project link. If you are interested it is quite informative.

1 month ago

From what I read, it seems it is unnecessary to build this facility in the middle of Fernandina Beach and would be best built on a remote location, far removed from residents of a community. What about the odors that this process will emit? In the guise of a “green project” it seems like a big risk and potential loss of quality of life, in the name of minimal savings in transportation costs for this publicly-traded company’s stockholders.