Two Seat One Candidates for Commission

Charles A. (Tony) Morris is an announced candidate for Fernandina Beach City Commission Seat 1 in the 2024 General Election.

“I am running because I would like to have a voice in what goes on locally. I am Pro-Fernandina. I will try to do whatever is best for FB and encourage others to as well. Maybe we could slow some things down and speed some others up,” Morris said. “During my tenure, I would hope to lower taxes, spend less, identify ways to increase city revenues and decrease expenses through innovation.”

Morris said he is a computer programmer by trade with 25-plus years with Delta Air Lines and 16 years with the Lockheed Employees’ Credit Union.

He and his wife have lived in Fernandina Beach since 2014. He was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.

Also running for Seat 1 is incumbent Mayor Bradley Bean.

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Richard Timm
Trusted Member
Richard Timm(@rtimm-ontheislandgmail-com)
23 days ago

Please run an article explaining why candidates run for specific seats rather than all candidates run together with the winners being the candidates with the most votes.

Mark Tomes
Active Member
Mark Tomes(@mtomes)
23 days ago

Quite a few red flags went up listening to Mr. Morris’s quote on what he would do as a commissioner. I will withhold judgment until I hear more specifics, but so far he sounds like the same ol’ majority politicians we have on the commission right now.

Noble Member
22 days ago
Reply to  Mark Tomes

wow 9 downvotes on this comment as of 7:34 AM Thursday morning. Interesting …………

Trusted Member
23 days ago

Yay Tony. Judging from your brief bio, it looks like you won’t profit from cramming more development into our community. I like that.

22 days ago

I have known Tony Morris for years .
He is extremely bright and has been a property owner in the city for many years . He is a serious person but has a good sense of humor as well. If elected he would have the time to devote to the commission’s duties and responsibilities. He is also very well traveled all around the world so not “parochial” in his vision & he is a “big picture” fellow with attention to detail and getting things done.

Ben Martin
Trusted Member
Ben Martin(@ben-martin)
22 days ago

Please tell us:

  1. Did he drink the covID koolaid and inject himself with synthetic genetic material administered via an experimental medical treatment?
  2. Does he believe CO2 is causing the earth to warm?
  3. Is he or any members of his family funded by banks, pharmaceutical companies, or hospitals?

Seriously, these things would be good to know. Bradley Bean may be a fine individual but he comes from something like a career political family. I could not get Bradley Bean’s father (Aaron Bean) on the phone to hear about a complaint about a fraudulent account statement from a state charted financial services company when he was a Florida State Senator.

If you ever have a complaint about a bank you will find in general the people you are complaining to are funded by the people you are complaining about.

21 days ago

Good morning all. My first post here.

Yes, I am running for City Commission. Currently running for Seat 2. I’ve already changed seats once.

To Richard Timm’s question below, I asked the City Clerk that same question myself. It seems to me that at election time, the names of the candidates running should just be listed in alphabetical order and the top 3 voter getters this year (top 2 in the next election) should become City Commissioners. Apparently it’s done the way it’s done because that’s the way we do it.

To Mark Tomes statement – sorry about the red flags. In a 50 or 60 word Bio, I just said what I would LIKE to do. Not necessarily what I CAN do. I stand by that. If that makes me a politician, so be it. I’m happy to discuss my thoughts to address your concerns, if I know what they are. But it won’t come out in a fluff piece intended to get my name and picture out to the public.

Thanks richie. I’m not looking to profit from this at all. We (my wife and I) are planning a self-funding campaign. I don’t plan to accept donations from ANYONE.

Thanks CastilianAmelian. I appreciate the kind words and am really curious who you are!

Hi Ben. An odd set of questions for a candidate for a City Commission seat but hey… you be you.

  1. My wife and I did “get the jab” for COVID. You HAD to in order to travel to some of the countries that we visited, as CastilianAmelian mentioned. We opted for the unpopular and difficult to find J&J version of the vaccine because I was concerned about the rush to get an mRNA medicine out to 300+ million folks. J&J offered a long-time tested vaccine methodology with a weakened copy of the virus… just like the flu shots that millions take every year.
  2. Do I believe that the Earth is warming? Yes, I do. Do I think that the warming is caused by Man? Not necessarily. It would be difficult to separate man-made warming from the natural warming that the Earth is experiencing as we wind down from the mini-Ice Age that covered the northern hemisphere not too long ago in terms of Earth’s history.
  3. Neither myself nor anyone I am related to is “funded by banks, pharmaceutical companies, or hospitals”. I DID work for two different Credit Unions in Georgia during my 45-something year working career (computer programmer – 26 years for Delta Air Lines and then 17 or so for DCCU and LGECCU credit unions) but I’m not beholden to either of the credit unions for anything.

Sorry for the long winded response. I’m new to this politikin’ business. But I’ll be happy to explain my “philosophy” on how things should be run (think “Like a business”). You can frequently find me at Cafe Karibo or The Green Turtle – our favorite local haunts. Oh yeah, and the Patio on 5th and Ash. And SandBar… and The Surf. And the Pelican. Dang, we get out a LOT! Look me up somewhere.


Ben Martin
Trusted Member
Ben Martin(@ben-martin)
21 days ago
Reply to  Crackers_Boy

TM thanks for your answers. We have reached an age where everything needs to put in the sunshine. Ordinarily one health’s info would be private. But it wasn’t too long ago that contact tracing, vax passports, and contact tracing were a thing. Covid was a real killer. It killed bakeries, barber shops, day car centers, vacation rentals, cafes, dress shops, etc. etc. We are now seeing the delinquencies and the foreclosures. It is not hard to believe that the “plandemic” was a wealth transfer where an imaginary biomedical emergency was used as a pretext. The “You will own nothing” people want everything transferred to the central banking system. Central Banking is a tenet of communism. The Federal Reserve System is a central banking system.

Active Member
20 days ago
Reply to  Ben Martin

An imaginary biomedical emergency? Tell that to the families and friends of more than 1 million Americans that died. Of course, in usual fashion, you’ll probably come up with and absurd conspiracy theory.

Ben Martin
Trusted Member
Ben Martin(@ben-martin)
19 days ago
Reply to  mmonzon

Corona was like the flu – but it was different. It had a fantastic public relations team.

Ivermectin and Hydroxycloroquine could not be deemed as a treatment because if it was then emergency use authorization could not be granted for the “vaccine” which really wasn’t a vaccine. Yet those treatments were cheap and effective. (Families of the 1 million dead you refer to should be very pissed.)

After Obamacare medicine became more centralized. Few are in private practice. Most now work for hospitals and are no longer free to do what they think is best. The must follow the protocols set for them by the hospital.

On top of all that it was the first time in history a medicine’s lack of effectiveness was being blamed on those not taking it.

Please go get your booster.

Last edited 19 days ago by Ben Martin
Ben Martin
Trusted Member
Ben Martin(@ben-martin)
17 days ago
Reply to  Ben Martin

Via Epoch Times:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has agreed to remove social media posts and webpages that urged people to stop taking ivermectin to treat COVID-19, according to a settlement dated March 21.
The FDA has already removed a page that said: “Should I take ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19? No.”
Within 21 days, the FDA will remove another page titled, “why you should not use ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19,” according to the settlement announcement, which was filed with federal court in southern Texas.

“FDA loses its war on ivermectin and agrees to remove all social media posts and consumer directives regarding ivermectin and COVID, including its most popular tweet in FDA history,” Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, one of the doctors, said in a statement. “This landmark case sets an important precedent in limiting FDA overreach into the doctor-patient relationship.”
“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the settlement as it is a victory for every doctor and patient in the United States,” added Dr. Paul Marik, chief scientific officer of the FLCCC Alliance and another plaintiff. “The FDA interfered in the practice of medicine with their irresponsible language and posts about ivermectin. We will never know how many lives were affected because patients were denied access to a lifesaving treatment because their doctor was ‘just following the FDA.’”

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