Tour Bus troubles in downtown Fernandina Beach

Photos and Information
By Pat Foster-Turley
March 21, 2022

Editor’s Note:  Yesterday, Pat Foster-Turley, nature columnist of “Pat’s Wildways,” was on a different beat.  Pat happened on the scene of a stranded tour bus in downtown Fernandina Beach at the Hampton Inn.    We thank Pat for the information and photos of the bus and its eventual rescue.


Seldomridge of Hilliard, Florida, arrived in Fernandina’s Historic Downtown with a 50-ton wrecker to rescue a stranded tour bus.   According to bystanders, the bus was in the lurch for 3 hours.  Photo courtesy of Pat Foster-Turley.


A view of the rescue looking south on 2nd Street in downtown Fernandina Beach.  Photo courtesy of Pat Foster-Turley.
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Sherry Harrell
Sherry Harrell(@sherry-harrell)
2 years ago

Pat is an awesome person!!

Perry Laspina
Perry Laspina (@guest_64315)
2 years ago

This is what happens when our local government gives permission for all these gigantic tour buses to tour our so called QUIET little community.

John Goshco
John Goshco (@guest_64320)
2 years ago
Reply to  Perry Laspina

Public road. Private hotel property.
Government permission??