There’s a new group in town – “The Fernandina Beach Waterfront Development Citizens’ Authority”

Fernandina Beach Waterfront Development Citizens’ Authority
Press Release
By Jack Knocke
March 8, 2021

1943 aerial shot of Centre Street and the waterfront

Friday, the newly formed Fernandina Beach Waterfront Development Citizens’ Authority (FBWDCA) released a DRAFT Request for Qualification (RFQ) on behalf of the Fernandina Beach community. The purpose is to achieve maximum benefit to the City of Fernandina Beach and Nassau County communities, as well as private owners, from the redevelopment of the waterfront property.

You may have seen that it was covered in the News Leader, David Scott’s blog and Eye on Jacksonville. The Citizens’ Authority also published Draft RFQ ads in the Atlanta, Jacksonville and Tampa Business Chronicles.

The board of the Citizens’ Authority is an experienced and passionate group seeking to help the community achieve something that has been elusive for years. The Citizens’ Authority is a nonprofit corporation registered in Florida. I am proud to be a member of the FBWDCA board along with this great team. The FBWDCA is totally separate and distinct from Common Sense Fernandina Beach.

This solicitation is a proven process to develop the waterfront area to the specific needs of the community, leveraging a public/private partnership. This entire process is to be conducted with full transparency, broad participation, and rigorous competition. It will entail the widest possible participation in any economic opportunities and deliver the greatest value to the community.

Our local governments are an integral part of this process with regulation and zoning responsibilities, input into possible solutions, approval of any agreements, and total transparency with the community.

This process is designed to break the cycle of studies that are focused on tax funding but rarely become implemented. This proven process costs the city nothing, focuses on the “right” development partner first, delivers a successful Public/Private partnership, and creates a solution that is specifically designed for our tradition, culture, and community. Importantly, the Fernandina Beach Waterfront Development Citizens’ Authority has NO preconceived notions of what the solutions may be at this time. Ideas will come from developers that participate in this process.

We are seeking a strategic Development Manager Partner with the experience, expertise, and business relationships to redevelop the waterfront property on behalf of the community.

The next step will be to meet with respondents at a Property Tour and Informational Conference in April.

If you would like more information, would like to make suggestions or would like to get involved in some way, please contact [email protected]

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