TDK breaks ground at 14th & Lime for Vintage Amelia Island

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October 26, 2018

Tim Keach

MURFREESBORO, TN – Tim Keach, CEO of TDK, announced today they have broken ground on Vintage Amelia Island, a $39.5 million upscale apartment community in the emerging 14thStreet corridor on Amelia Island.

“Vintage Amelia Island continues our theme of creating upscale multi-family housing. There were unique barriers to entry, so there is nothing comparable in the market. It meets the desire of millennials and baby boomers for a modern, convenient, and comfortable lifestyle. With limited housing on the island, it will attract working professionals not wanting to make the daily commute from Yulee or the Jacksonville area while also appealing to the older demographic not looking for the hassle of home ownership,” Keach said.


When completed in the spring of 2020, Vintage Amelia Island will offer 224 units with a variety of floor plans. Units will offer first-class amenities, including 9-foot ceilings, walk-in closets, a full-size washer and dryer, hardwood inspired flooring, ceramic tile bath floors, granite countertops accenting the kitchen and baths, stainless steel appliances, and maple cabinetry.

A safe community with gated entry, Vintage Amelia Island will have 18 two- and three-story buildings spread over 23 acres providing ample greenspace with its unique location. Because of wetlands located within the site, there were stringent requirements to meet. TDK turned the 13 acres of protected wetlands into an amenity where residents will be able to enjoy the native wildlife and natural beauty. To compliment the abundant outdoor opportunities, Vintage Amelia Island will offer bike storage lockers with a repair station.

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Vintage Amelia Island will provide residents with an abundance of on-site amenities, including direct access and free-standing garages; a pet park with covered seating; a resort-style pool area, including private cabanas, fire pits, in-pool tanning ledges; an indoor fitness center; and a clubroom with an elegant pool table and coffee bar.

“TDK has a build-and-hold philosophy that benefits our customers. We are one of the few companies in the industry to bring a fully-integrated approach to development by serving as the developer, general contractor, and long-term owner. Because we will be retaining ownership of Vintage Amelia Island, we are vested in the continued success and longevity of this apartment community,” Keach said.

TDK is a privately-held construction and development company with headquarters in Murfreesboro. Founded in Kentucky in 1959 by Dorris Keach, TDK is a three-generation company that builds and develops projects throughout the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest. Having completed more than 6,800 units valued at more than $700 million and with more units under construction across the country than any other Tennessee-based company, TDK properties are setting a new standard in the multi-family housing industry.

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18 Responses to TDK breaks ground at 14th & Lime for Vintage Amelia Island

  1. Bruce C Smyk says:

    Looks beautiful for “low income housing”.

  2. Judith Lane says:

    This isn’t the 14th and Lime property, is it? Susan?

  3. Betsie Huben says:

    Couldn’t you have turned 13 acres of PROTECTED WETLANDS into, I don’t know – CONSERVATION WETLANDS?

  4. Gerald Decker says:

    Well done. The kind of thoughtful development that AI should welcome and support.

  5. Patty Mooney says:

    Just what we needed….more high density housing….NOT!!!! and at the expense of protective wetlands and tree canopy.

  6. Scott Fullerton says:

    This reads like a brochure the developer gave to you. How about some reporting?

  7. Judith Lane. says:

    According to agent Spurgeon Richardson’s appearances before the PAB and the Commission, these parcels were supposed to be residences aimed at Amelia’s workers, not “upscale” with venues for tanning. I didn’t believe him at the time and voted against the initial platting. I’m really ashamed, Amelia, that greed has taken yet another piece of land.

  8. Chris Dickinson says:

    It’s election time. Every city commissioner who approved this project (and who misled the public that the project was low income housing) should be voted out of office.

  9. Margo Story says:

    I like it, looks like another Amelia Park… 13 acres was reserved for natural habitat!!

  10. Geraldine C Clare says:

    Upscale, gated and elegant for working professionals….not affordable unless you are a surgeon?…

  11. Thomas Washburn says:

    The destruction of so many trees, underbrush, and wild animals was abysmal. Loss of trees means increased air pollution in our community. The massive increase of cars will serve primarily to poison the air we have to breathe.
    TDK had misled the City Commission to think there would be a certain number of affordable units. Now, TDK states the condo is “upscale”, hardly affordable any longer. TDK also states this will be a gated community. A gated community in our city is abhorrent and unethical!
    It is my opinion that our City Commission must pay more attention to the claims of housing developers and also to worker harder to preserve our precious tree canopy and wetlands.

    • Judith Lane says:

      Can we please not target individuals with comments? The comment without the name and location would have been fine. Thanks.

  12. Ronda C Walton says:

    For the rich.


  13. Sherry Marsella says:

    What’s going to happen to Buccaneern village (the real low income housing) where the cabinets are falling apart and needs repair, where my mom lives with my niece and nephew ? They are now infested with rats from tearing down the trees and the little $1000 car she does have has wires that have been eaten by them. She has even seen one in her bedroom. She lives on the back side by ….where the trees use to be….
    She’s lived there for about 5 years and is 62 years disabled on social security helping to raise her grandchilderen. She has been here on AI since 1995 and lost her house when her husband got sick in ’03 and passed shortly after. She landed here after years of relocating from place to place.
    Have they stopped making repairs because they plan to tear them down? If
    There used to be a baby gator, im sure got pushed out from tearing down the trees next to Boys & Girls Club, now its gone. I hope its ok. 🙁
    This obviously won’t make a difference in the poroject that’s been deployed.
    Hopefully focus will be put in areas of need thought will be considered about the real homeowners of this island before they die from tearing their homes down (our wildlife).
    I use to want to live here for ever. All 3 of my kids were born and raised on this island, 2 into our home. Now I’m may move when I pay my house off in 2-3 yrs. due to congestion and congested pollution. That’s sad.

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