Sturges in the running for City Commission Group 2

David Sturges
Fernandina Beach City Commission
Candidate Group 2
[email protected]
September 11, 2020

Candidate Group 2 David Sturges

Fernandina Beach businessman and native David Sturges has filed to run for Fernandina Beach City Commission Group 2. Mr. Sturges brings with him a lifetime of service to his community and nearly 2 decades as a small business owner in his hometown. His primary motivation for running is a desire to serve the community he loves by affecting local policy and ensuring the efficient use of our resources.

Mr. Sturges’s platform centers around three major issues, issues that seem to perennially be the topic of discussion at election time:

• Ensuring that future and current businesses in Fernandina Beach are offered opportunities to become established and thrive in a manner that is productive to both the city, the entrepreneur and local employees.
• Protecting and securing property rights with sensible regulatory policies to prevent conscientious business people and their capital from fleeing the city for more attractive environments elsewhere.
• Working toward a speedy resolution to the downtown waterfront and the marina issues that have plagued the city for so many years.

Mr. Sturges is a graduate of Fernandina Beach High School, an Eagle Scout, and a Deacon at the First Presbyterian Church of Fernandina Beach. He is married to Kelly, has 2 adult children and 3 other children currently enrolled in Fernandina schools.

Mr. Sturges has been a state certified building contractor for nearly 2 decades at Sturges & Sturges Construction – the company he and his late father, Ken Sturges co-founded in 2002. Mr. Sturges’ company specializes in restoring and renovating existing properties and historically significant homes in Fernandina. He has also served our community on the City Code Enforcement Board and is intimately familiar with the various permitting processes and procedures for doing business in the city.

Mr. Sturges desires to see the city continue to prosper while honoring its history and heritage. He feels that there is a lack of historical context and knowledge when extremely important decisions are being made that affect the daily lives of the residents and businesses in the city. By his election, he will bring that perspective to the city commission.

“The City has developed a reputation of not being “business friendly” and The Fernandina Beach Commission should do everything it can to support the engine of our local economy, the small businessperson, particularly when it comes to permitting and reviewing the controversial impact or capacity fees and finding solutions to affordable housing for a work force of first responders, hospitality workers, and teachers, among others.

I have a vested interest in ensuring we create and maintain an environment that is in all of our best interests because my wife and I have four children we want to grow up here to appreciate the same quality of life we do.”

For those wishing to know more about Mr. Sturges’ stances, plans, and ideas are welcome to contact him at [email protected] or at his Campaign Facebook page

Editor’s Note:  David Sturges will face Alexandra Reed Lajoux, and Genece Minshew in the November 3, election.