Bent Wing Flight Services
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In coordination with the City of Fernandina Beach, all necessary repairs to the self-service pump have been completed and is now safe to use. We would like to thank the City’s Airport staff in working with the FBO to accomplish the necessary repairs.

In appreciation for your patience while waiting for Self-Service, we’d like to extend special AvGas pricing to you this weekend.

This Saturday & Sunday Only 
Special Pricing on Self-Serve

$4.75 gallon
Come out this weekend and fly!

Don’t want to self fuel? Full Service is still available at your hangar for $5.49 gallon.

Thank you for your business!

We have also installed a new card reader at the self-serve island.
You can now access the self serve pump 24/7. Please enter your tail number on the new card reader to ensure you receive future discount specials.

Fair warning – the new card reader is high tech! Registering your tail number the first time requires a little patience. (Or a lot!) The digital scrolling alphabet is controlled by the buttons on the side of the LCD screen. The good news is that once your tail number is registered, the system will pick it up automatically from your credit card.

If you need a little help, please call us at 849-4321, and we’ll be happy to send a lineman over to get you set up.

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