Scenes of Northeaster and King Tides in Fernandina Beach

Photos courtesy of Harry Mills
November 6, 2021

Editor’s Note: These photos were taken an noon yesterday. A strong northeastern and King Tides resulted in flooding in some areas of Fernandina Beach. We thank Harry Mills for his contribution to the Fernandina Observer.

A view of the Fernandina Harbor Marina. Photo courtesy of Harry Mills.
Alachua Street looking west toward Front Street.  Photo courtesy of Harry Mills.
City Boat Ramp. Photo coutesy of Harry Mills.
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Perry Anthony
Perry Anthony (@guest_63094)
2 years ago

Well Harry, you missed the best pictures on Calhoun Street downtown, between North 8th and 7th Streets completely underwater, at one point the water was all the way across North 8th Street and Calhoun Street with 8-12 inches of water. The same flooding goes for Escambia and Dade Streets as well.