Possible sporadic road closures in Fernandina’s historic downtown due to palm tree trimming

City of Fernandina Beach
February 9, 2022

For the next few weeks, the City’s streets department will be pruning palms downtown to keep them in tip-top shape. Roads may intermittently close to make room for equipment, but the disruption should be minimal.
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Chris Dickinson
Chris Dickinson(@chris)
1 year ago

These palm trees are being trimmed too much! Healthy green fronds that the palm needs are being cut off.

Thomas Lohman
Thomas Lohman (@guest_63866)
1 year ago

My thoughts exactly. Where’s a city arborist when you need one?

Marc Williams
Marc Williams (@guest_63864)
1 year ago

This so-called “hurricane cut”, while popular with landscapers, is detrimental to the long term health of these palms. The city arborist should get involved and reconsider this severe pruning action.

As a quick start to understanding this issue, check out this information from the University of Florida’s horticulture website: https://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/woody/pruning-palms.shtml 

Continued extensive use of the hurricane cut will have a negative impact on palms across the state and will result in the premature loss of these important elements of our landscape. We are trying to educate the general public and landscaping companies on the proper treatment of palms in order to ensure their long term health. 

For a more detailed explanation of proper palm care, watch this short video by Doug Caldwell, Ph.D., commercial landscape horticulture extension educator and landscape entomologist with the University of Florida in Collier County Extension, is one of the leading experts on palm maintenance. 

Marc Williams
The Bartram Garden Club


Jono Miller
Jono Miller (@guest_63874)
1 year ago

So, I guess for the next few weeks, tree lovers, shade lovers, palm lovers, and arborists that follow adopted guidelines for palm pruning can be embarrassed on behalf of Fernandina Beach for such old-fashioned abuse.