PEG Channel’s Fernandina Television seeks donations and content creators

By Susan Hardee Steger
June 25, 2021

Guests gather at PEG’s Fernandina Television gathering held at  the Fernandina Municipal Airport.

Last night’s launch of a new and approved PEG Channel took place at the Fernandina Beach Airport.  The PEG Channel committee was established to develop new and improved programming for the Comcast Community Access Channel 264.   Comast reaches over 10,000 homes in Fernandina Beach and Nassau County as well as over 600,000 visitors each year.   Members of the committee are Taylor Owenby, chair, Julie Ferreira, Judie Mackle, Megan Stewart, and Lauren Templeton-Saxon.  Mary Hamburg serves as the city staff liaison.

According to Owenby, by the end of last’s event,   “$11,000 in in-kind donations and capital commitments to our program” were received.  At this time, the PEG Committee is seeking “All Star Partners,” (see further information below) to join them as they seek to enhance the programming.   Contributions are tax-deductible.

One of the major goals of the PEG Committee is to expand access to quality programming for all residents and visitors.  Content creators, businesses, non-profit organizations, are welcomed to submit a proposal for approval.



Our channel seeks to serve and engage the wider public as the City of Fernandina Beach Public, Education, Government Channel: Fernandina Television.

Our All Star Partner program creates community-building opportunities for local businesses, nonprofits and individuals.

The channel not only provides city and government updates, we also showcase our rich local history and natural beauty, and celebrate our vibrant and diverse culture. Our channel is unique because the programming is 100% based upon community interest and participation. We are truly the community station.


Each contribution is tax-deductible

On-screen credit will reach over 10,000 homes across Fernandina Beach and Nassau County and over 600,000 visitors every year.

We offer programming support and guidance around content development

Contributions are an opportunity to positively impact the community


Content development

Production and editing costs

Closed captioning

Resources for our student media education

All Star Scholarship program

Support for independent filmmakers

Support for the Arts, History and Education


CHECK ONE: Individual? ___     Business? ___          Date: ____/___/___

Name: _____________________________________________________

Organization / Business: ________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________

City / State / Zip: _____________________________________________

Phone: ____________________ Email: ___________________________

Every All Star Individual Name or Organization Logo will be displayed on Comcast

Channel 264. Executive Producer and Founder’s Circle will receive a complimentary consultation from our team to develop content for the station. Please speak with a representative for details.



Name or Logo shared onscreen under Associate Producer section for 3 months

___ DIRECTOR: $250+

Name or Logo shared onscreen under Director section for 6 months

___ PRODUCER: $500+

Name or Logo shared onscreen under Producer section for one year


Name or Logo shared onscreen under Executive Producer section for one year


Name or Logo shared onscreen under Founder’s Circle for two years


PLEASE WRITE AMOUNT: ____________________________

Payment Method: ______________________________________________

Would you like to designate an amount for the All Star Scholarship?  ________

According to our by-laws, the Fernandina Beach PEG Channel cannot sponsor or promote political opinions, religious programming, commercial advertising or commercial products. We are proud to serve the community of Fernandina Beach and surrounding areas. Please support us in our endeavor

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