Old St. Michael’s Church rectory is no more.

Submitted by Suanne Z. Thamm
Reporter – News Analyst
September 28, 2020

And the walls come tumbling down. Note Billings Huse on the left.

With the blessings of both the Fernandina Beach Historic District Council and the Building Department, work began today in the latest phase of St. Michael Roman Catholic Church’s campus changes.  

Early on a rainy September 28, 2020 morning, heavy equipment arrived at the scene of the former Church rectory on North 4th and Broome Streets and demolition work began to make way for a relocation of the Liberty Billings House, currently located on North 5th Street mid block between Broome and Calhoun Streets.  The recent addition to the Billings House will also be demolished before the move of the historic structure.

Why the changes?  The Church has a need for additional parking.  The demolitions and move will allow for the construction of a large parking lot that will stretch from the Billings House to the Pre School Building on North 5th and Calhoun Streets.

The Church rectory itself was relocated to a former private residence on the corner of Broome and North 4th Street this past summer.

The original rectory building was located behind the Church itself.  It was demolished in the 1960’s because of the condition of the building. Following that demolition, the rectory was relocated to the ranch style former residence across North 5th Street.  Three Historic District Surveys all concurred that the building was not a contributing structure to the local Historic District.

For additional information about the project, click here.  


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Joe Blanchard
Joe Blanchard(@jlblan2)
3 years ago

There are a few errors in this article. The Parish Office was located at 505 Broome st and is being demolished. The Parish Office was moved to 201 N 4th st. The rectory has been and is located off north 15th st.