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Submitted by Suanne Z. Thamm
Reporter – News Analyst
January 7, 2019 12:00 p.m.

City of Fernandina Beach customers of Advanced Disposal will receive new trash and recycle bins sometime between January 2, and January 13. Please place old bins on the curb beginning January 14. NO GARBAGE WILL BE COLLECTED IN THE OLD BINS AS OF JANUARY 25.

Advanced Disposal spokeswoman Karlie Evatt has responded to a couple of concerns raised in our recent article on yard debris pick-up under their new contract with the city of Fernandina Beach.  Her responses are provided below:

Fernandina Observer asked:  Just to clarify, so what happens now if someone has a tree come down or a large clean up and they have more than 3 yards of debris put out to the street?

Advanced Disposal responded:  It will be their responsibility to have it removed as that does not fall under the definition of yard debris removal. Yard waste is defined as all shrubbery cuttings or clippings, leaves, palm fronds, small tree branches, bushes or shrubs, or other organic matter generated as refuse from improved residential properties in the care of lawns, gardens, hedges, bushes and trees. Three cubic yards is a large enough amount to maintain weekly lawn maintenance of a residents yard. If a contractor is doing the work they must remove the material when they leave. If the homeowner is doing the work and has no means to remove it, they can contact Advanced Disposal and we can remove the material, but there will be a fee based on the volume.

Fernandina Observer asked:  One reader asked about neighborhood collection spots, writing, “Our neighborhood of 10-11 houses uses 3 pick-up places for yard waste. I’m sure we violate the 3 cubic yard requirement many times.”  Any advice?

Advanced Disposal responded: There is a fine line in these situations. We are aware some communities use a common area for yard waste pick up. We will collect more than 3 cubic yards since this common area is accommodating multiple homes.

While the city website provides general information on sanitation and recycling, all specific questions, requests and/or problems should be directed to Advanced Disposal at: (904) 879-2301 or (904)261-7186. (Toll-Free: (800)523-3861)

A new Facebook Page has been established to improve communications between customers and Advanced Disposal. Search and “like”: Advanced Disposal – City of Fernandina Beach. 

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