Marina Restaurant closes after 50 years in business

April 24, 2022

Updated April 25, 2022

Marina Restaurant on Centre Street Fernandina. Photo courtesy of the Amelia Island Museum of History.



Yesterday,  Fernandina said goodbye to the Marina Restaurant which has served patrons for over 50 years.

During the 1950s and 1960s, restaurants in Fernandina were few and far between.  The old restaurants back then: Sandbar (Amelia City),  Seaside inn, Susie’s, 5 J’s, and Blue Seas, are no more.  Sadly, we add the Marina Restaurant to the list.

Best wishes to owner Patricia Toundas and her staff.




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Andy Sweatt
Andy Sweatt (@guest_64755)
2 years ago

The Marina Restaurant was one of our families favorites as we were growing up in Fernandina. A long with the Blue Seas, Sand Bar, 5Js and Susie’s. Thanks again to the Marina and staff. We will cherish the memories.

Linda Bryant
Linda Bryant (@guest_64757)
2 years ago

How sad our little community had to give way to becoming like every other small town in Florida, over populated and over opinionated. All the charm is slowly disappearing, all for the mighty dollar.

John Goshco
John Goshco (@guest_64758)
2 years ago

Another defunct restaurant you can add to the list is the Kentucky Fried Chicken operating out of what appears to be the Marina Restaurant’s back door.
Any old timers have any details on that relationship?

Cheryl Heise
Cheryl Heise (@guest_64771)
2 years ago

Very sad! Is something else going in there?

Chuck Hall
Chuck Hall (@guest_64772)
2 years ago

I’ll miss going there. It’s been a reliable eatery as I was growing up here.
What a sad day

Joe McNamara
Joe McNamara (@guest_64773)
2 years ago

“Yesterday, Fernandina will say goodbye…”

Some newspapers you read. Others, you proofread.

Bill Fold
Bill Fold(@bill-fold)
2 years ago
Reply to  Joe McNamara

Right Joe, and once again the FO is a day late and a dollar short. Yesterday’s news.

DAVID LOTT(@dave-l)
2 years ago

The loss of an institution. Best wishes to Patricia and all her staff.

frank giuliano
frank giuliano (@guest_64776)
2 years ago

I am shocked it didn’t go out Sooner. It would have empty tables when every other restaurant had a 2 hour wait. The place was old. Not clean, and terrible service. I hope someone comes along to bring it back to what it was 20 years ago. Fernandina is still heaven.. so let’s hope someone comes along and cleans the place up.. and respects our town. It’s a prime location.

Tim Moore
Tim Moore (@guest_64777)
2 years ago
Reply to  frank giuliano

Maybe a landing spot for Brett’s when they leave dockside ?

John Goshco
John Goshco (@guest_64781)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tim Moore

Too small for Brett’s.

Michaelene Gon
Michaelene Gon (@guest_64778)
2 years ago
Reply to  frank giuliano

Definitely any good food has been long since gone at the Marina..Unkept.Bland everything.staff..exuded the “don’t care “ attitude. No loss at this time.

Lynda Bacon
Lynda Bacon (@guest_64779)
2 years ago

Our go to restaurant when visiting Fernandina! May need to find a new vacation location!

Iris Dockery
Iris Dockery (@guest_64786)
2 years ago

It has had so many owners sine it opened. Another favorite spot back in the day, was Jake’s Grill. It was fast and cooked right in front of you.

Butch Williams
Butch Williams (@guest_64787)
2 years ago

Jakes Grill, Marcum’s Taxi stand(later Tiny Diner) Rowlands drive in, Dorsey’s restaurant. Probably more but these go way back.

Randy Young
Randy Young (@guest_65566)
1 year ago

One of the lifetime memories of Fernandina I will always treasure. I remember most of the restaurants mentioned…such a shame.

peter john edgette
peter john edgette (@guest_66299)
1 year ago

I know i’m late to the party,but i did love the Marina restaurant,and had chicken livers with gravy all the time…i will miss the restaurant