Local Man Charged with Threatening Mass Shooting at Fernandina Beach High School

Fernandina Beach Police Department
Media Release
January 5, 2019

Earlier this morning Investigators from the Fernandina Beach Police Department charged a twenty year old former student of Fernandina Beach High School with “written threats to kill” individuals at his former school.

Wesley Zane Twiggs, of 304 North 5thStreet, Fernandina Beach, confessed to posting two separate threats on an anonymous chat site on December 30, 2018 stating, “My name is Wesley Twiggs and I am going to shoot up Fernandina Beach High School on January 15th.  I will be on the news … so you better keep these messages if you want anyone to believe that this conversation took place.”  Screenshots of these threats were captured by two different witnesses, both from outside of Florida.

The threats were reported to the FBI Tipline and referred by the FBI to the Fernandina Beach Police Department for investigation.

Before approaching Twiggs, detectives first spoke with his parents, who were extremely cooperative and helpful in resolving this investigation.

Based on the evidence gathered, a compelling pattern of escalating and concerning behavior, and his admission of guilt, Twiggs was charged with a second degree felony in accordance with Florida State Statute 836.10, (Written threats to kill, do bodily harm, or conduct a mass shooting or an act of terrorism).

Twiggs was booked into the Nassau County Jail at approximately 2:00 AM this morning, and was later released on a $25,000.00 bond.

No firearms or ammunition have been recovered, or evidence obtained to indicate that Twiggs had access to firearms, or had made actual plans to carry out his threats, although detectives are continuing their investigation.

Individuals with relevant information should contact Detective Stephen Moreno at (904) 310-3222.


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