Kristy Benjamin named BCG Food & Beverage Operation Manager of the Year

Kristy Benjamin

Submitted by Dale Martin
Fernandina Beach City Manager
March 9, 2020

Ms. Kristy Benjamin, Food and Beverage Manager, was awarded the Billy Casper Golf (BCG) Food and Beverage Operation of the Year. The impressiveness of Ms. Benjamin’s effort is magnified by the fact that BCG operates over 140 golf facilities throughout the country. Congratulations to Ms. Benjamin and Mr. Steve Murphy, General Manager, of the Fernandina Beach Golf Course.

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Maury Foreman
Maury Foreman (@guest_56754)
3 years ago

Congratulations Kristi! You are terrific.

Hughes Tom & Stacye
Hughes Tom & Stacye (@guest_56755)
3 years ago

Congratulations Kristy ! Tom & Stacye Hughes

John Campbell Elwell
John Campbell Elwell(@elwelljohnyahoo-com)
3 years ago

Congrats Kristy! Well deserved.

Cara Curtin
Cara Curtin (@guest_56759)
3 years ago

Congratulations, Kristy! You certainly deserve it. I have been impressed by how hard you work and how you always seem so cool and collected. Good for you!

CHERIE BILLINGS(@cherieb2bellsouth-net)
3 years ago

Congratulations, Kristy!!! Really enjoy working with you.

Valerie Gsell
Valerie Gsell (@guest_56766)
3 years ago

Congrats, Kristy! Those of us in area organizations have found you to be so great to work with, so we are happy to see you’re being recognized in your own organization. Kudos!