Tree Diaper?

City of Fernandina Beach
July 19, 2021

Have you heard of a tree diaper? It releases the water slowly to keep the soil wet longer creating better absorption. Here is Urban Forester David Neville filling one up on Centre Street.
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Mary Beth Burke
Mary Beth Burke (@guest_61724)
2 years ago

Tree diapers are great but they must be refilled with water or removed when empty. A tree died in our neighborhood because the diaper was never removed and provided a breeding ground for insects – leading to the death of the tree. Once the tree has a good start – take the diaper off!

Marlene and Philip Chapman
Marlene and Philip Chapman(@crew2120)
2 years ago

Dave, You are doing an GREAT job! We used these on our two new red maples that we got from the tree giveaway and they are doing amazingly well! Thanks for all you do and again, welcome to Fernandina!!!