Happy children enjoy Central Park’s new playground equipment, but . . .

By Susan Hardee Steger

February 5, 2022

Just one of the happy children enjoying Central Park’s new playground on a beautiful day!


Young children flocked to the soon-to-be-completed  Central Park playground redo on a beautiful Friday morning.  Slides still intact from the old  equipment will be added soon.

Some parents are not too pleased with the new design but the children seem to love it!

After social media outrage, the Parks & Recs Advisory Committee will solicit feedback on the new design at its regular meeting on February 8,  5:00 p.m. at City Hall.

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Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith(@high-n-dry)
2 years ago

It just doesn’t look like much fun. We did a project like this 30 years ago in Pinellas co. And it went over as “just ok”. Sometimes you just need to stick to the basics. Consultants and money don’t make kids happy.

chris clare
chris clare (@guest_63820)
2 years ago

We walk thru Central Park almost every afternoon….have not seen happy kids lately…seen a lot of puzzled kids…also one piece of the new equipment is already roped off with caution tape…we have heard quite a few comments from parents who are less than thrilled with the new stuff and wonder why the old equipment was replaced….