Groundbreaking at municipal airport for new Fernandina Beach Fire/Rescue station

City of Fernandina Beach
April 21, 2022

Yesterday, the City of Fernandina Beach, the Fernandina Beach Fire Department, Passero Associates and Blackwater Construction Group gathered at the site of the new fire station for a ground breaking. Construction began today with an estimated finish date of March 2023. The station is located at the entrance of the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport.
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DAVID LOTT(@dave-l)
2 years ago

Has the City Commissioners expressed their recommendation to the City Manager for what to do with Fire Station #2 after this one is completed? Sell the prime commercial property or level it and use it for expanded parking for Seaside Park, although there is always the concern the parking will be used more by Sliders and Hammerhead customers.