Fernandina Beach thanks Nan Voit for > 25 years of service

Submitted by Suanne Z. Thamm
Reporter – News Analyst
June 16, 2021

Nan Voit retired as Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Fernandina Beach on June 1, 2021 following more than 25 years of service with the City.  Mayor Mike Lednovich invited City Attorney Tammi Bach to present Voit with a proclamation expressing the City’s appreciation for her “professionalism and enthusiasm” in the performance of her duties at the June 15, 2021 Regular Meeting of the Fernandina Beach City Commission.

Many friends, colleagues and relatives attended the meeting to celebrate Voit’s achievements and to wish her well in retirement.  While it is customary for the Mayor to present these proclamations, Lednovich felt that as a newcomer to the City, his words would not have as much weight as those of Voit’s long time friend, Tammi Bach.

Bach noted that Voit began her career with the City on November 28, 1995.  Over the course of her career wit the City, the City Attorney cited Voit for frequently going above and beyond to ensure that citizens and visitors had safe, welcoming spaces to exercise and play.  She read from the proclamation: “Ms. Voit made the job of a Parks and Recreation Director seem effortless. However, considerable effort occurred behind the scenes; from creating essential community programs and services and executing their corresponding logistics, managing multiple facilities, mentoring a large staff, and establishing capital improvement priorities, Ms. Voit was always eager, passionate, and helpful in ensuring the tasks at hand were completed in a timely manner and with a high level of care.”

Often overcome by emotion, Voit thanked the City for the proclamation and said, “Please know that you have a wonderful Parks and Recreation Department with great programs, parks and staff.  They have always strived to provide the best of the best.”

She concluded by acknowledging and thanking her family for their love and support.  Voit received a standing ovation from the FBCC and the audience.

Nan Voit surrounded by her family

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