Fernandina Beach seeks outside assistance in assessing organization, operations of Parks and Rec Department

Submitted by Suanne Z. Thamm
Reporter – News Analyst
May 21, 2018 10:15 a.m.

Main Beach Park

On May 31, 2018,  the city will open responses to RFP 18-10 in anticipation of hiring a consultant who will then spend 120 days reviewing and analyzing the workings of the Parks and Recreation Department.  The final report of the consultant will include recommendations to improve existing policy and procedures management, staffing utilization, work planning and management of existing programs.

The Parks & Recreation Department is responsible for:

The Department also offers or co-sponsors various adult and youth sports and activities; aquatics programs and scuba instruction; youth afterschool programs and summer camps; senior programs; instructed programs; and special events.

The City seeks the following from the selected consultant:

  • Schedule and conduct a kick-off meeting to determine project goals, objectives and expectations that will help guide actions and decisions. Outline the steps of this kick-off meeting to include, confirmation and outcome expectations, communications, data collection and on-site assessment.
  • Conduct individual interviews and focus group staff meetings. Analyze all departmental positions and review the organization’s structure. Gather an understanding of establishment of core/ essential services, important services and value-added services.
  • Conduct work sessions to determine what is considered core essential services, important services and value added services based upon observations, individual interviews, focus interviews and job analysis surveys.
  • Document and analyze the internal operation of the Parks & Recreation Department.
  • Develop a plan to conduct an internal operations process review centered on sustainability, efficiency and organization alignment.
  • Develop a recommendation for staffing utilization, organizational design and staffing levels/alignment, service contracts, partnership, and volunteer support and management and evaluate cost recovery by core service and core facility.
  • Develop a plan to improve existing policy and procedures management, staffing utilization, work planning and management of existing programs and facilities.
  • Develop a plan to streamline the organizational structure and current staffing levels to ensure the highest levels of efficiencies.
  • Prepare a draft comprehensive staffing analysis plan with strategies based upon all analysis performed.  Once the draft plan has been reviewed and approved, the consultant will prepare a final summary report and present that report to the City Commission.  The final report will include associated appendices.  The City requests five bound copies and one unbound copy of the final report.
  • The consultant should complete the project within 120 days.

Complete information on the bid requirements may be found on the city’s website

Editor’s Note: Suanne Z. Thamm is a native of Chautauqua County, NY, who moved to Fernandina Beach from Alexandria,VA, in 1994. As a long time city resident and city watcher, she provides interesting insight into the many issues that impact our city. We are grateful for Suanne’s many contributions to the Fernandina Observer.