Fernandina Beach Police hold ‘Active Assailant Training’

Fernandina Beach Police
Press Release
October 27, 2021
On October 25, the Fernandina Beach Police and Fire Department, in conjunction with the members of the Fernandina Beach High School administration, conducted an active assailant training scenario on campus.
The focus of today’s training was for law enforcement to work together with the Fire Department’s Rescue Task Force. Members of both departments secured the scene, attended to the injured, and transported the injured safely outside of the main area to an awaiting Rescue Unit.
Staff, teachers, and students at Fernandina Beach High School simulated an active assailant incident prior to the police and fire department’s arrival.
School, Police and Fire administrators debriefed after the scenario. All of the information will be used to improve future plans and conduct additional training.
A Big “Thank You” goes to Principal Chris Webber for hosting the training session each year.

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